It all began in our arena
It all began in one laser
tag arena in Brno.

We have years of experience with laser tag. We have been playing it for years and there is nothing else we enjoy more.
But as time went on, we started getting annoyed with various aspects of the equipment. The weapons look like toys, the vests are uncomfortable or made for children, the casings break very often, and the manufacturers do not care.
Over time, we started coming to a single conclusion:
If we want to play and even make laser tag according to our wishes, we have to start making our own equipment.

We failed several times
We failed
several times

First, when we turned to BUT (Brno University of Technology) for help with development.
The postgraduate students were trying hard, but they did not care about the final product. We at least cleared up what we want from our equipment.

Second time, when we approached a company that had the vest sewn in China. It is definitely a good thing to check why we do not want to do things like other manufacturers. The vest came in rushed, made from who knows what and 30% smaller than on the design.

Third time, when we tried making the weapon from plastic. Our first try was a fiasco. The unicolor cast did not look good. It became apparent that a good render can still look very different from the real product.

How do you make a comfortable vest?
How do you make
a comfortable vest?

The whole vest, made from genuine leather, is sewn in the Czech Republic. Putting it on, securing it, the routing and protection of the routing cables. It took us several tries before we were able to make a comfortable vest for both a small child and a large adult.

The straps and clasps will last a lifetime. The same ones are used by mountain climbers.

What we are the proudest of is the inner padding. It works just like functional clothing. It takes care of ventilation, keeps the player dry and ensures comfort even for smaller players. You can be sure that before we perfected the foam material, there were several curses flying through the air.

Weapons made from duralumin and carbon
Weapons made from carbon
and duralumin

After our first try with plastics, we decided to go for materials used in aviation and astronautics.

We fell in love with out new weapons. They look beautiful, even futuristic. They are reliable and thanks to the use of special, rubber parts, even safe. They keep working when you smash them to the ground, run into a wall or collide with another player.

From the first shot to use in an arena
From the first shot
to using in an arena

We wish you could experience what it is like to feel a finished weapon in your hands after two years of development. You shoot, the opponent lights up, goes dark and points get added on your display.

And that is the moment when you know that this is it. The thing you have been dreaming of. We have been using our equipment for almost a year now. We are testing it in a fellow arena from Moravia and ironing out any last bugs. Soon, it is even going to be used by the first laser tag arena in Brno.

Take a closer look at the vest and the weapon