Control panel

The control panel is adapted for easy creation of games and their parameters. Anyone can learn how to use it.

Choose a game mode, create a game, choose player names and their colors. You can use templates to save your own game modes. The most frequently used ones are right on the desktop, the less popular ones are in the pop-up bar.

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Setting up games

You can prepare as many games as you want. You can copy already created games or use games from the archive so that players can keep their vests. You can find all the finished games in the archive, you can search it using various parameters (nickname, day, …). You can also print out scores from previous games.

You can put any tablet into the armory from which you can switch players between teams, play, pause or stop the game, or even change the music. You can also direct a player to a vest by making it flash. This will save you precious seconds, which, in all-day operation, can mean the difference between one or two additional games.

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A simple vest replacement during a game

In the case of a problem, or maybe a dead battery, you can transfer a player to a different vest while keeping everything - name, score, etc. All you need are three clicks.

At the end, a score is automatically printed with any number of copies you set beforehand (three cards for 8 players, five for 12, or any other amount you set).

So far, we have never seen a more detailed scorecard without it feeling cluttered.

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Game modes

Before we introduce our innovation that has never been done in the world of laser tag before, we would like to present our 6 game modes.


All players for themselves. The game starts with the players spreading across the arena and everyone has to cover for themselves. To keep it fair, everyone has the same color, which can be chose from the whole RGB scale. You can set up the score, lives, shields, respawn time and other parameters.


Two and more teams distinguished by different colors. This gives you teammates who can cover you. You can turn on friendly fire and even pepper in negative score. Teams have a total score at the end of the round, which determines the winning and losing team.


Take part in your personal apocalypse. At the start of a round, a number of players (which you can choose) change into zombies and their task is to hunt people. When a zombie eats a human, the human becomes a zombie. In our version of this game, the zombie does not come back to life, which means that there is a chance to survive the apocalypse by killing all the zombies. Zombies are stronger than humans (they take 4 shots to kill) but they only have a close-range weapon which hits within around 5 meters. That gives the humans an opportunity, but they must work together and seek out large, open spaces.

S.W.A.T. Defence

You play in a pitch-black arena with no lights. The vests are dark too, only the front of the weapon has a flashlight which can be activated with a button press. It is best not to run and to turn on the light when changing positions. The disadvantage is that it gives out your position to the opponents. The game is a free-for-all deathmatch, since you do not know on whose side the player would be. You can even play without music so that you can hear each step.

3hit game

The game plays the same as deathmatch or team deathmatch would, you just have more lives. That means that you have to hit an opponent more times. You can also set up life recovery over time. If an opponent hides after taking a few shots for long enough, he can come back at you afterwards with full force.

Bonus game

At the start, you choose which bonus you are going to have for the whole duration of the game. You can only use it when it charges up. You activate it with the upper button. This means that you can be invulnerable for some time, have a super-fast weapon, turn off the lights or get 3 times as many points. “Kamikaze” is an interesting bonus, where you get 8 seconds of invulnerability, super-fast weapon with a large spread and 2x points per hit. You do die after those 8 seconds, but you have plenty of time to shoot anyone who gets in your way.