nový druh zábavy

Do you want to have
a laser tag arena outfitted
with high-end equipment
made in the Czech Republic?

New concept of equipment No more plastic weapons that are ugly
or light up like a Christmas tree.

Weapons and vests made in the Czech Republic Futuristic weapon
made from carbon
Equipment with your colors and your logo A comfortable vest
for everyone - tall,
short, narrow or wide.
New game modes and even more fun Many hit detectors
on all sides of the vest
including hips
Aim down sights right on the weapon Two shooting modes
in one weapon and a fully
calibratable range
Special removable pads Special removable pads
with ventilation slots
that always stay dry
Top-quality service right around the corner Your own server
and control panel with
online game statistics
Control from any device within the network Control from any device
within the network
or even from home
The best laser tag
The best laser tag

We have decided
to help
build the best
laser tag
arenas in the world.

We offer you a new form of entertainment
with world-class innovations
in playing and operating
laser tag arenas.
the story of our development

is coming to an end
is coming to an end